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Welcome to Nuke Transports

In a highly competitive market, we stand out as a leading  transportation solution provider committed to our customers, offering quality services and total reliability.

Why choose us:

We are an experienced transportation service provider with the ability to provide quality freight services and maintenance for the entire fleet allocated to the services.

24h/7 GPS Tracking System

To safeguard your valuable products and ensure total peace of mind, our entire fleet is equipped with an advanced satellite tracking system that allows our dispatch staff to identify the exact location of all trucks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Diversified Fleet

To meet our customers' requirements and provide solutions to their needs we have a diversified fleet containing mine trucks, articulated trucks, dump trucks, excavators, mechanical shovels and other machines.

Regular Maintenance

It is only by maintaining our fleet to the highest standard that we achieve the levels of reliability our customers expect. On arrival at our park, all trucks undergo thorough inspection and maintenance by our qualified technicians, daily, weekly and monthly.

Qualified Professionals and Support Team

As part of our commitment to reliability, integrity and safety, our drivers and mechanics undergo extensive background checks to ensure that only the best candidates are selected to represent us.

At Nuke Transports, our mission is to respond to the demands of customers and provide solutions to their needs, ensuring that any and all cargo arrives at its destination promptly and in the same condition as before loading.


EN N7 - Mário Santos Nr. 7
Chingodzi - Matema
Tete, Mozambique


Phone: +258 86 530 4615